Road work planned for streets all over West Chester. Is your street next? Check the list.

It’s not even spring yet, and construction projects galore are popping up around the Borough and beyond. Below is a recap of areas you may want to avoid if you can. 


Map of PECO gas projects planned for the Borough.
  • Project lead: PECO 
  • Trucks on the street: Danella Companies, a PECO contractor, will be completing the work. 
  • When to avoid this area: Work is expected to begin next week and will continue through May.
  • What’s happening: PECO is replacing existing natural gas equipment to enhance service in this area.  

Anything else I should know? If you live in this area your gas service will need to be turned off and reconnected by PECO. Of course, if you live in this area you should already know this because you should have been contacted by PECO. If not, or if you have questions you can send them to For everyone else, know they will be repaving the streets when finished. 

“Any areas impacted on your property will be repaired, the streets will be repaved, and all areas will be restored to their original condition,” shared Amy Hamilton, VP, PECO Gas Operations. See, it’s right there in writing.   


  • Project lead: PECO 
  • Trucks on the street: Infrasource, a PECO subcontractor, is the one actually doing the work. 
  • When to avoid this area: Work is being conducted during the day from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 
  • What’s happening: This is a continuation of the Harmony 1 project that was started last year by PECO. Infrasource believes Harmony-1 will be completed by May. (Yay.)

Anything else I should know? Once work is completed on Church Street, which should happen shortly, the crews will be pulled from the job until the asphalt mills reopen in April.  

Here’s a map of other PECO Gas work planned for the Borough, (EP neighbors it looks like they are coming for us too.) 


Map of Aqua work planned for the Borough (sorry, the best I could find.)
  • Project lead: Aqua
  • When to avoid this area: Now. The project started at Ashbridge St. and crews are working their way south until they reach Gay St.  
  • What’s happening: Aqua is replacing the water main in the area.

Anything else I should know? Work should be completed by April with restoration (which better be code for “road paving”) to follow.


  • Project lead: PennDOT
  • Trucks on the street: This project will likely involve a subcontractor, we just don’t know who it is yet.
  • When to avoid this area: TBD. According to Construction Journal, a contract has been awarded and construction is expected to start this year.
  • What’s happening: PennDOT is planning to spend $3 million to improve the nearly three-mile stretch of the 322 Bypass from Downingtown Pike to Route 202. Outlined improvements include signal upgrades, new left turn lanes, and fixing the shoulder. 


  • Project lead: PECO 
  • When to avoid this area: Depends. Tree trimming has already been reported. Construction projects are set to begin in April. Hopefully, we will get more details as individual projects get closer. 
  • What’s happening: The PA utility is investing millions of dollars in Chester County to help prevent customer outages, modernize the electrical grid, reduce the impact of extreme weather on electric infrastructure, and cut operations-driven emissions by 50 percent by 2030.

Anything else I should know? This project is set to involve a lot of streets in the Borough and West Goshen. According to an article in the Daily Local, you can expect work along the following streets: Parke Hollow, North Locust, South Locust, East Locust Lanes, Walden Drives, North High, West Ashbridge, East Ashbridge, West Biddle, East Biddle, North New, West Lafayette, North Darlington, West Chestnut, East Chestnut, West Washington, West Marshall, North Brandywine, North Wayne, West Gay, North Walnut, and North Matlack Streets, North Everhart, West Virginia Avenues, and Prescott, Jean, Weaver, and Potters Alleys.

And in West Goshen along Pottstown Pike, Crosspointe, Caswallen, Woodview, Frederick, and Melvin Drives, Chrislena, Embree, Crownpointe, Primrose, and Monteray Lanes, Carol Circle, Taylors Mill Road, and North New Street.

Originally published, Mar. 10, 2023

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