West Chester Weekly News Roundup

Can I say a record number? I don’t know but a whole lot of new restaurants are coming to the Borough over the next few months. We take a look at them all. (Yum.) Plus, the Borough approves preliminary plans for a new 185-unit apartment complex, Bert's Ice Cream opens and West Chester University’s Gordon Nature Area celebrates 50 years. Who's ready? Let's catch up.

West Chester (Briefly) at the Center of the Horse(less) Carriage Movement

Philadelphia’s horse-drawn carriages seem like a relic of a different era and they are. Just not the 1776 – let’s-build-us-a-new-country-era – that you might think. The horse and buggies you see on the streets today were reintroduced in 1976. A novelty of that summer’s bicentennial celebration and a tourist attraction Janet White, founder of Carriage House Freedom, says needs to end. 

Marshall Square Park Redesigns Northwest Entrance to Improve Park Safety

It’s a warm Wednesday morning and the northwest entrance of Marshall Square Park is dotted with little patrons and their gardians. I watch as cars whiz down E. Marshall Street, and it is not hard to imagine what parent feedback might be. Earlier this month the Friends of Marshall Square Park got approval to make some entrance upgrades. This week a look at the plan and when it will go into effect.