West Chester Man Tackles that Beach Day Dilemma – How to Get the Gear There

When I met e-Beach Wagon founder and West Chester resident Mike Mogan he told me the idea for his company came to him after years of struggling to get all the family’s gear to the beach. “Why can’t we have some kind of motorized beach wagon?” he recalls saying to his wife after another day struggling in the sand at Cape May’s Higby Beach. If only it was that easy. Here’s the story of how Mike finally got the gear to the beach - in ease.

Signature Events: The West Chester Film Festival

Every year on the fourth weekend of April, West Chester hosts its very own international film festival. Started nearly two decades ago by enthusiasts grabbing space and setting up projectors in empty downtown storefronts. Today the West Chester Film Festival has a permanent set up at the Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center but the experience is no less dynamic - if anything, it’s more so.