The Turks Head Music Festival is Back and Ready to Rock

Every summer, on and off, since 1970 West Chester has been hosting its very own music festival. The all day concert has the feel of the another area. Maybe it’s all the tie-dye and crochet-embellished clothing for sale or maybe it’s the concert’s organic beginnings – just a group of musicians and the friends that came to see them play – but there is something nostalgic about the whole production. After being forced to cancel last year due to COVID-19, Turks Head is back and ready to rock 50 (and 1) years after that first concert in the park.

West Chester Weekly News Roundup

Updated: COVID-19 hits home – West Chester University is closed, West Chester Area School District schools are closed, and the Borough plans to issue a state of emergency. On a lighter note, the Public Arts Commission is planning to stencil chalk mouths around all the gum on the sidewalks. It’s about balance, people. Grab your favorite hand sanitizer and let’s get started! 

5 Good Reads

Sometimes when researching news for the Weekly Round Up, I come across an interesting local story that looks deeper at a topic. These stories are helpful in giving a fuller picture of what’s going on in town and in the world in general. Here are a few I particularly liked. (Hitting all the hot button issues in this one.) Enjoy.


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