West Chester Weekly News Roundup: Dec. 23, 2022

The Borough's lease with the West Chester Railroad expires this summer. Now Borough Council must decide whether or not to renew the 15-year lease. If they do, does it kill our chance for a commuter rail? A look at both sides of the debate. Plus, the holiday season's best-dressed awards, real-life Grinches caught in Westtown, and a Festivus miracle - the Rite Aid project could soon be wrapping up. Who's ready? Let's catch up!

West Chester Weekly News Roundup: July 22, 2022

After making major cuts to the Park and Rec budget, there were some concerns about how the borough would respond now that people are looking to gather again but this summer has been a pleasant surprise with a nice mix of signature and lowkey events. See how they pulled it off and what else is planned. Plus, do you want to preserve the past or push into the future? The West Chester Railroad forces Borough Council to make a decision and West Chester's first Doggie menu. It's hot out there my friends. Grab something cool and let's catch up.