West Chester Weekly News Roundup

Borough Council works its magic and reduces your tax increase to low double digits. See how we got there and what’s next for the budget process. Plus, West Chester PD investigates hundreds of calls at West Chester University and Dia Doce celebrates its birthday with a cupcake creation that should only be eaten once every seven years. Come down from that sugar high and let’s get started.

West Chester Wants Your Thoughts on a Property Tax Increase

As we’ve known for a while now, the Borough of West Chester is in a bit of a financial crisis. Last month the Borough Department heads met to make their initial 2021 budget presentations to the Borough’s Finance and Revenue committee and the general takeaway is, if nothing changes, the Borough is expecting a nearly $1.7-million-dollar deficit to its general fund next year. There are generally two ways to deal with a deficit: cut projects or raise taxes.

West Chester Weekly News Roundup

Just barely September and we are starting to lose it, people. What’s going on in the Borough? Let’s just call this the law and order issue. Plus, updates on a shaky start to the school year – including some pretty disturbing Zoom calls; a closer look at the Borough (over) budget and we say goodbye to a regular presence downtown. On the bright side, the year’s almost half over. Grab some sustenance and let’s get going.

West Chester Weekly News Roundup

This week we are talking people behaving badly. High Street Caffe is open again after actions by its owner led to a mass staff exodus earlier this summer. Also, drilling on the Mariner East 2 pipeline is halted as crews work to assess the damage of a fluid spill. Plus, Kooma’s expanding, and where West Chester falls among the best places to live in PA. #1 in my book, not in theirs. Grab a late August lemonade – spiked if you’re associated with High Street Caffe – and let’s do this.

West Chester Tree Team: Patrolling the Streets to Protect the Trees

West Chester has been losing its old “legacy” trees at an alarming rate and it’s beginning to impact the health of the community. So last fall Borough Arborist Mike Dunn reached out to the West Chester Green Team for help identifying local trees in distress. This led to a new community initiative dedicated solely to watching the trees.