West Chester Summer Swim Guide 2023

We are about to embark on a new pool adventure. After years as members of the YMCA outdoor pool, we have decided to break off and try something new, or rather, something old. Goodbye waterpark. It’s back to basics. A pool, some grills, and a basketball hoop, but I am hoping the opportunity to run around with friends (and the peace that comes from fully-entertained kids) will more than make up for it. Need a place to dip your toes this summer? Here are your options.

Turns Out “Better than Bacon” is Good for Your Health

Since 2011, Better Than Bacon has brought its off-the-cuff comedy to numerous venues across Chester County, including regular performances at West Chester’s Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center. Shows feature a lineup of improvisational “games” or acting exercises that require participants to react in real time to audience suggestions. Not only are the shows a blast to attend it turns out improv could actually be good for your health.