About Me

I’m not from around here so you may think it odd I decided to start a website dedicated to West Chester. I grew up in Indiana. I received my degree in Journalism from Indiana University (Bloomington not of Pennsylvania) before coming east to pursue my dream of working in NYC at a high-fashion glossy magazine but I didn’t quite make it…


I took a job at Rodale, home to big name glossies such as Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Prevention, but in their marketing department. It was a distinction that would follow me my whole career. I was writing great material but on the other side of the editorial/advertising divide. I was doing content marketing before content marketing was a thing and I still am.

While I love my job (and I am grateful it pays a living wage). I still at times “what if” that career in the glossies.

Most communities I have lived in have a minimum of two newspapers covering them, West Chester barely has one (the Daily Local covers all of Chester County.) It got me thinking of all the great things, important things being missed here. I can’t start a newspaper but I can start a conversation and perhaps shed some light on local happenings.

I live on the west side of town with my husband, two boys and baby girl. In my free time I enjoy volleyball and I’m trying to get back into running (a continual struggle).

Please email me at hello@hellowestchesterpa.com. Questions, comments and story ideas all welcome. So glad you came to visit today.