West Chester playgrounds are open, but it’s play at your own risk.

Caution tape comes down at West Chester playgrounds

While the official Park and Rec reopening plan posted to the West Chester website seems to be stuck in the yellow, last week hoops went back up and the caution tape encircling the playground equipment came down, if it remained. In its place, signs appeared stating the risks of the activity you are about to engage in and offering guidance for limiting the spread of the coronavirus. 

For example, a sign near the playground equipment read: 

“Playground equipment is not sanitized.” 

“Practice social distancing.” 

“Stay home if you’re sick.”

And perhaps, least likely to be followed, “Avoid touching surfaces.” 

Seen here, Rustin Park. Rims are back, but high heat has kept many players away.

Basketball courts reopen, guidance limited

Less guidance was provided for those lazily playing a one-on-one, pick-up game on the courts the day we went to investigate. Perhaps their lax defense was a nod to social distancing, or may be the heat. Either way park activities are quietly on their way back. 

Except John O. Green, the splash park, which remains closed for now. Bathrooms also remain locked and water fountains are off.

West Chester Parks & Rec previously announced the reopening of tennis for singles play and pavilions for use by groups of 25 or less.

Want to mix up your park routine? West Chester has 12 twelve of them to choose from.

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