John O. Green – The Splash Park

John O. Green Memorial Park

Post updated: June 17, 2021

West Chester's splash park features timed sprinklers
Looking to cool off on a hot summer day? This water park is for you.

Vibe: On any given summer day, especially the hot-ones, this community park is dotted with bathing-suit clad kiddos carrying buckets and looking to get wet. Tiny feet jump on an oversized splash pad among deep green frogs spurting water from their sturdy heads. Located in the heart of the Borough of West Chester, just blocks from the town center, this open air park is a great way for area children to stay cool.

While the park is known primarily for its water features it also features multiple play areas, a covered picnic area with picnic tables and plenty of blacktop. Perhaps too much, the park has been criticized by neighbors for its lack of green space. 

Fun fact: John O. Green was the Borough’s newest park until this plot of land went up for sale.  

History: This 23,400 square feet of land was a contaminated brownfield when it  was purchased by the Borough in 1998. The land was decontaminated and cleaned up and turned into a play area for neighborhood kids. The park is named after former West Chester police chief John Green and is open to residents and non residents alike. 

Everyone jump. Swimsuits options.

About the splash park: Featuring water sprayers, fountains, poppers and squirting frogs, there are no lifeguards or borough provided supervision at this spray-ground. The water jets are operated on a timer that is activated with the push of a button. Water sprays for a set time from a series of water jets then shuts off until an excited kid runs over to start it over again.

While the water playground it open to kids of all ages it is particularly popular with toddlers and early elementary-aged kids. Bring a bucket or water balloons for added fun.

Hours of operation are sunup to sundown and the water play features are operational from May 1 through September 30.

Key features:  This park is run by West Chester Parks and Recreation and addition to the splash area the park features three play areas, swings, a climbing area, covered picnic area and basketball courts. Note: there are no restrooms or lockers, come dressed in bathing suits and bring a bag large enough to handle towels, spare clothes, and water toys. 

Events: I don’t know of any events held in this park.

Location: The park is located between S. Matlack and E. Miner St. Travel note: The park is surrounded by one-way streets so the easiest way to get there is to turn onto Matlack from either Gay or Market – or walk.

Get involved: Have an idea for John O. Green or any of the West Chester city parks? Check out how this post on how to get involved. You can find a complete list of borough parks here.

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