China Palace, West Chester Pike (Sorry, for the quality this was snapped from the car on the way to the Goshen Fair.)

Perhaps, it’s just me but, it seems restaurants and the Chester County Health Department have gotten wise to these monthly reports. They are now scheduling any needed follow-up inspections within the same month as the original inspection. Meaning, by the end of the month everyone is in compliance. Well, good for them – and good for us. 

Thanks to these quick responses the kitchens of your favorite restaurants are now the epitome of health and safety. There is, however, one cautionary tale this month. That is the China Palace on West Chester Pike. 

China Palace, 1251 W. Chester Pike, out, 1 violation – but it’s a doozy. This story begins on June 30 with the Palace’s first visit from the Health Inspector. (Since last month’s newsletter went out on June 30, this late inspection did not make it into the report – which in this case is unfortunate. There were several violations at that time but we are going to focus on the sole issue that persists today.)

  • June 30 – “One roach was found on the floor in a glue trap under the dishwasher. Mouse droppings were found on floor underneath the dishwasher. Thus, roach and mouse activity are present. Facility is currently receiving monthly pest control treatments. Facility must take aggressive measures to control, reduce and eliminate vectors, specifically roaches and mice,” the health inspector noted. 

  • July 13 – “Moderate roach activity observed within “tin cat” glue boards in the kitchen. No mouse droppings or mice were found today. Facility must take aggressive measures to control, reduce and eliminate vectors, specifically roaches,” the report reads. 

  • July 25 – “Roach activity has significantly been reduced but has not yet been eliminated,” reads the restaurant’s only violation.

It sounds like they are making progress, but you may want to give them a couple more weeks just to make sure this problem is stomped out. 

Originally published, Aug. 4, 2023

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