Results are in on the Chester County Historical Society’s campaign for a new roof.

With so much going on around town. Catch up on what you may have missed.  

It’s Friday, November 1. Power outages, police chases, holiday drama – it’s been quite a week. Plus, West Chester says goodbye to a local legend and the results are in on the Chester County Historical Society’s campaign for a new roof. I don’t know about you, but this weekend we are drinking this chocolate peanut butter stout. Ready? Let’s go.

school bus
Morning outages led to several schools being closed for the day.

Morning routine, disrupted. After a night of heavy rains and wind, power is out all over the borough including most of downtown and at several area schools. Rustin, Penn Wood and Westtown-Thornbury are all closed today due to outages. However for those students, power-outage day may be even better than snow day, because this one will not need to be made up.  

“It’s a tough race, but he was a tough man.”

-Chester County Racing on Brian Bratcher’s Brian’s Run

It’s so hard to say goodbye. Last week the West Chester community said goodbye to a local legend, Brian Bratcher. In 1978, when Brian was just 15 he was paralyzed while making a tackle during a Henderson football team practice. The community rallied around the sophomore, starting Brian’s Run in his honor and raising more than $20,000 in that first year alone to help with medical expenses. After the 1979 race, Brian felt he had received enough monetary support and since then the race has benefited disabled people in the community.  However, the race continued to bear his name and Brian continued to attend each year cheering until the last person crossed the finish line.

This year Brian’s stepmom would like the race to be a celebration of Brian’s life. If you’re interested in running, here’s the sign up

The police chase seen round the borough. Early Monday morning a high speed car chase led to a multi-vehicle collision on South Adams St. and a foot chase by State Police. The incident was caught on video and shared among residents on Facebook. If you have any questions or concerns about the incident they should be directed to the State Police Barracks at (610)-486-6280. West Chester PD is not involved. 

I like you thiiis much. In case you missed it, the Chester County Historical Society has been campaigning to win a grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation as part of their “Partners in Preservation” program. However unlike most grant programs this one was part popularity contest – more votes equals more money. So CCHS has been working hard to get you to like them and vote for them. They even through a party for 500,000 of their closest friends, and it worked. Results were in this week and CCHS has earned a $150,000 grant which they will use to replace their leaking roof. 

Elections are Tuesday. Do you know who you’re voting for?

You’ve got my vote. Speaking of voting, elections are TuesdayThere are no national elections and few state, but several very important county and local positions need to be filled. These include several County Commissioners, the Attorney General, Sheriff and School Board officials.  If you live in the Borough, Ward 2, 4 or 6, you will also be selecting a councilman. Michael Stefano is seeking re-election in Ward 4, newcomer Nick Allen is running unopposed in Ward 2 and Bernie Flynn is seeking a second term against write in candidate Gillian Alicea in Ward 6.   

“Bashful knee.” 

-Popular pose in marketing Halloween costumes to women.

Is that a sexy unicorn? Probably no surprise to anyone at Barnaby’s on Thursday night, but Halloween is officially sexist. Two researchers from West Chester University recently shared their decade worth of insights with the Philadelphia Inquirer and ABC’s Nightline. They found nearly a third of girls costumes and more than 90% of women’s costumes had some sexualization compared to just 1% boys and 11% of men’s.

What are you doing for the holidays? If a trip is in your future, the library is the place for you. West Chester Public Library has 2019 versions of many popular travel guides (I counted more than 60!) thanks to a generous grant from a family foundation. 

The decorations live to see another night.

“To be clear, the Mayor in West Chester is not authorized to make this call.”

– Mayor Dianne Herrin, squarely pointing the finger at Borough Council for the botched Halloween decision

The warnings. Only visit houses with porch lights on. Never enter a strangers’ home. Use the buddy system. Wear reflective material and check that candy! That’s right, tonight we Trick or Treat. To the dismay of many, Halloween was rescheduled to Friday night after predictions of rain that wasn’t.

There were rumors of children and neighborhoods bucking the decision and staying true to the 31st, but we saw few trick-or-treaters last night. I think more likely is a mobbing of the borough tonight, with an added hour of trick-or-treat time and many neighborhoods outside the borough having kept their activities last night as planned. Hope you bought extra candy! 

Your actions have consequences. Pietro’s Prime is facing legal action after bartenders there continued to serve a visibly intoxicated patron. After leaving the establishment on Feb. 10, 2018, a drink still in her hand, Jennifer Lynn DiCecco got into her car and drove it head first into a borough couple killing them both. The victim’s family is now seeking damages for establishment’s negligence.

Opa Taverna’s upscale Greek is gaining fans.

The accolades. Congratulations to #1 ranked West Chester field hockey! Catch the 17-0 Golden Rams at home on Saturday. It’s the last match before tournament play begins.

A hearty pat on the back to Opa Taverna. The recently renovated Greek restaurant was applauded in Main Line Today for capturing “the coastal flavors of Cyprus to the skewered street fare of the mainland.” (I’m not sure if I entirely agree, but it does look nice.)

Also, getting Main Line praise, Highland Orchard. Their Craft Beer Fest was included in the magazine’s list of must do activities for November. Event is Saturday if you want to help them celebrate.

Give back. Safe Harbor is looking for new winter coats and PJs for the area’s homeless. Next time you are shopping add another pair of pajamas or coat to the cart. (Women’s size medium, large and XL. Men’s sizes XL to 2XL).   

Hello. To more pie. In case there were not enough options for fresh-baked pies in West Chester, the public library is now offering another one. Order now to reserve your all-natural apple or pecan pie baked by the library’s experienced baker. Pies are $16 each. Orders must be received by November 15 and can be picked up on November 27 between 9:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Speaking of pie, I’ll take a second piece

Finally, we trick or treat.

The freakin’ weekend. What are you up to this weekend? We will, of course, be trick-or-treating (and looking into fixing a leak in the roof).

Weather looks gorgeous and as always, today marks first Friday. Downtown parking is free. Looking for more ideas? Here you go.

Mark your calendars: 

  • Trick or Treating, West Chester Borough, 6-9 p.m., Nov. 1
  • First Friday, West Chester Borough, free parking, Nov. 1
  • WCU Live presents Jason Bishop (magic show), Emilie K Asplundh Concert Hall, Nov. 2
  • Craft Beer Fest, Highland Orchards, Nov. 2 
  • Free film: Reinventing Power, West Chester University, Nov. 7
  • Harlem Wizards vs. West Chester East teachers, West Chester East High School, Nov. 8
  • Apple Cider & Donut giveaway, Grower’s Market, Nov. 9
  • Sail On: The Beach Boys Tribute, Uptown! Theater, Nov. 9
  • Ripple Run, Rustin High School, Nov. 10

That’s it. Just barely, but we made it through another week. Thank you for joining! Here’s last week’s RoundUp if you missed it and some ideas for Sunday brunch, just because.

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