West Chester Weekly News Roundup

Can you believe we are nearly halfway through August? This week a new tenant presents preliminary land development plans for the former Wyeth property and (planned) destruction at the Davis Oil property. A look at what these changes will mean for the neighborhood and West Chester as a whole. Plus, West Chester restaurant inspection reports and I am just going to go ahead and declare it, we are the unofficial bubble tea capital of Chester County. Who’s ready? Let’s catch up.

West Chester Weekly News Roundup

Rising food prices aren't just making the weekly shopping trip a bigger nuisance than usual they are having a very real impact on our community. I spoke with several local nonprofits to learn just how bad things have gotten. Plus, a new children's business fair aims to inspire the next generation, and fresh-made sticky buns coming to the borough? Yes, please. Who's ready? Let's catch up.

West Chester Weekly News Roundup

Hello, West Chester, I hope you had a happy 4th - and I hope it didn't end at Saucey's pizza. Restaurant Inspection reports are out for June and there are some (very) concerning findings at a couple of borough locations. Plus, West Chester's new $180,000 rain garden project and a doggie ice cream parlor is coming to town. Time to start planning that "Gotcha Day" party. Who's ready? Let's catch up.

West Chester Weekly News Roundup, June 17, 2022

Chugga, chugga, choo choo. This week has West Chester finally found a way to return commuter rail service to the borough? The new solution, which is just 64 minutes to Center City and 4 percent of the implementation cost of the last version, shows real promise. Plus, the borough introduces a new responsible contractor ordinance, shocking news out of Levante, and a video that promises to make you smile. Who's ready? Let's catch up.

West Chester Weekly News Roundup: June 10, 2022

Holy, disappointment, Batman! We finally got word on what is coming to the corner of Gay and High Streets. And well, it's not great. Plus, the borough introduces a proposal to create a plan to make the Gay Street Open Air Market an annual thing. A look at what's going to be included. Plus, how West Chester plans to use its American Rescue money and two new businesses open downtown. Looks like another gorgeous weekend. Who's ready? Let's catch up.

West Chester Weekly News Roundup: June 3, 2022

Happy Friday everyone. After an unnerving week, we look at proposed changes to the District's school safety plan including the role of officers in the classroom. We say goodbye to some formative members of the West Chester community and there is a tax increase coming your way. Plus, Turks Head Music Fest, the Gay Street closure, a new restaurant feature and meet your 2022 District Champs! Every time I take a week off, I regret it when I return. Just to say get ready to settle in. This is a beefy one. Who's ready? Let's catch up.