Schools are closed today. For those keeping track the last official day of school is now June 14.

With so much going on around town. Catch up on what you may have missed.  

It’s Friday, March 1, and the snow is back and area schools are closed (again). Speaking of things giving the school district stress, it has recently joined a lawsuit against Sunoco and its pipeline. Plus, how much the flu is affecting West Chester and Main Line Today shares an enjoyable way to spend a day in town. Here’s what people are talking about this week. 

“For three years, our administration has written letters communicating our concerns. It’s now time to escalate our engagement.”

West Chester Area School District Board President Chris McCune.  

That d*$& pipeline. The West Chester Area School District is joining a lawsuit against Sunoco and the Mariner 2 East Pipeline. The District states, “the lack of safety measures taken by Sunoco” as their primary concern.

The concern is real as the pipeline gets within 3,000 feet of four District schools or buildings, and within 6,000 feet of two others. According to a letter sent to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Company, WCASD is asking for an independent contractor to evaluate the safety and construction of the pipeline.

The school district says it is not necessarily looking to stop the project but the lawsuit does request a complete shutdown of the pipeline. WCASD is joining three other school districts and three municipalities in signing onto the lawsuit brought against the energy giant last fall.   

As of Thursday, the Daily Local is reporting, Chester County is also looking into legal action against the pipeline.

Gay Street closure to continue through April.

Gay Street closure has an end date and it’s late April. Aqua has announced it will be closing Gay Street from High to Church Street from March 13 through late April. Since the road is already closed by Aqua, I think the start date is of less interest than the end date. There is however, some light, or a rather a sparkly new Gay Street, at the end of this tunnel. Mayor Dianne Herrin has announced she will be holding a Gay Street clean up on April 27 to be followed by a complete repaving of the road.  

Is that the flu you have? The numbers are in for the first half of flu season and it’s not great. Statewide there have been 47 deaths and over 37,000 lab confirmed cases of the flu putting it at epidemic levels. Chester County numbers have been better than the state as a whole. The County ranks 47th out 67 counties in confirmed cases. Keep washing those hands, people.

“Everything from broccoli to blueberries has its season, and will be celebrated at the height of its flavor.”

-Andiario on Andiario

Andiario is up for a James Beard award. If you thought reservations to newcomer Andiario were hard to get before, it isn’t likely to get any easier. The critically acclaimed Gay Street establishment has been named a semi-finalist for a prestigious James Beard award for Best New Restaurant. If you haven’t tried the West Chester restaurant with an “artisanal approach to cooking,” better make those reservations now. Winners will be announced March 27.

Will he party or won’t he? Bam Margera has announced he will be holding another party at his West Chester-based Castle Bam on April 1. The party, rumored to include a performance by rapper YelaWolf and an entrance fee of $100, is being held to celebrate the completion of the compound’s new skate park. Pocopson Township, however, is not too keen on the idea. Still a month to figure out who this April Fools’ joke will ultimately be on.  

“Literature and literary reading are possibly the best forms of thinking that humans in need or trouble will ever have.”

–  Dr. Josie Billington, professor at the University of Liverpool in England

Have you read anything good lately? Acclaimed reading researcher, Dr. Josie Billington is visiting West Chester University this week and will be sharing her insights on the power of reading. Dr. Billington has published extensively on literary reading’s ability to influence depression, dementia, and chronic pain. The lecture is being held March 6, from 5 to 6 the University’s Center for Contemplative Studies. It is free and open to the public.

Speaking of good reads – here are a few local ones to check out.


Science achievements: Longwood Gardens wants you to name their new orchid (it’s not this one.)

Accolades. West Chester Area School District Elementary Instructional Technology Coordinator Jennifer Southmayd was named the state’s first ever Technology Innovator of the Year and with good reason. If you haven’t had a chance to see what the school district is doing with technology on the elementary level, take a look. It’s pretty impressive.

In other good news, West Chester University was recognized as a military friendly institution of higher learning for its support of veterans, active military, and those whose support them. 

The warnings. Uber, people. The West Chester Police Department picked up five different people on operating under the influence charges. One with a child in the car. Smh. 


The freakin’ weekend: What are you doing this weekend? We are going to a fundraiser for the Hillsdale Elementary school’s new library project. (I’ll hopefully be sharing more on this next week.)

It’s also First Friday and that means the parking is free (from 5 p.m. to midnight, metered street parking only). It also means extended store hours and special deals. So shop then drop in on Pietro’s Prime for some live music – or if you have the kids, Lulu’s Casita is open for its Friday night BYOB/Pizza party.

Not enough detail for you? Main Line Today has a full itinerary for an enjoyable West Chester day. What do you think? What would you add?

Ok, that’s a wrap West Chester. Thanks for following along. The Round up will be back next Friday. In the meantime, I’ll be looking into the library modernization project and maybe that police report. If you missed it, here is last week’s Round Up – and should the sun come out this weekend, here’s a park for you to check out. Plus, don’t forget to follow this blog to get all the updates! I’ll see you next week!

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