Once upon a time for Valentine’s Day, I did a post on Instagram accounts I love. In full support of virtual escapism, I thought I’d revisit the topic with some West Chester newcomers (or newly found) who are doing their best to help us live vicariously. It’s not exactly easy to keep content fresh during a pandemic but these pages keep chug, chugging along. 

So Happy Valentine’s Day, West Chester! Here are eight more local Instagram feeds you are going to L-O-V-E. 

West Chester Scenic (@westchesterscenic) 

This site which has been churning out beautiful pictures of the natural environment in and around West Chester and the surrounding county since 1999. Yet with just over 250 followers this site has somehow managed to stay under the radar. Hope that wasn’t intentional.

Brick ‘n’ Stone WC (@bricknstonewc)

Already follow West Chester Views, yet can’t get enough of gorgeous West Chester photography? Then this is the site for you. Described as a pictorial of West Chester, PA and its most defining features, this feed is focused on the architecture of the Borough. Brick n’ Stone has a knack for calling out the details you may have missed. 

Bar Avalon (@bar_avalon)

Now almost every business in town has an Instagram account – and almost all are really very well done. I would highly recommend you make a list of your favorites spots and search them out. However in addition to those, I recommend you follow Bar Avalon. Sure for all the reasons I have just listed, but also because it’s really entertaining. Owner John Brandt-Lee has really found his groove during the COVID-19 restraints. Peppering his feed with creative giveaways, last minute menu additions, and off-the-cuff videos where he settles the debate on sauce versus gravy or dances randomly through his kitchen after throwing back a shot of tequila. His feed is often a needed break from reality. 

The Local Skoop (@thelocalskoopwestchester)

Like to eat out in West Chester? Like finding a deal? Then you’ll want to follow the Local Skoop where they bring you the latest promotions and mouth-watering menu items from all your favorite West Chester restaurants – and unlike me, they are willing to head out of the Borough every once in a while. So you can explore all the county has to offer.   

Chester County History Center (@chestercountyhistory)

Like history? Then you’re going to want to check out Chester County History Center. Its feed is full of interesting tidbits and interviews with their knowledgeable curators and they do an excellent job of bringing the larger historical context home. Curious of the role of Chester County in the prohibition movement, suffrage movement, arctic exploration of the nineteenth century? Well, here’s the place to learn more. Plus, you’ll get first notice of popular lecture series and other community events.

align.Space (@align.space)

The gorgeous former-bank building on the corner of High and Market, has been reimagined to a co-working space and that space is align.Space. Sure they have plenty of quiet places to squirrel away and knock out a presentation (or blog post) but they also have so much more and bonus, access is not exclusive to members. Follow them on Instagram for an inside look at their historic space and the many ways you can creatively extend your office space, escape from the kids or host an event with a day pass.

Taste West Chester (@tastewc) 

The first to bring us an inside look at the new Stove and Tap on the corner of Gay and Darlington.

This popular feed is a spin-off publication and social slew (also on Facebook here) of the West Chester Press. They feature daily images of mouth-watering food options from around West Chester for every taste from Lorenzo’s pizza and the Cookie Dope to the Social Lounge’s char grilled hanger steak and charcuterie boards and wine from Mercato

West Chester Grub (@westchestergrub) 

Let’s face it with limited things to do, one way to mix up your day-to-day is to try a new food. So in honor of that, here’s another food site to follow. West Chester Grub promised to bring you the best food and drinks in the Borough – and I have to say they do a pretty good job keeping their promises. 

So there you go, a cupcake post just in time for Valentine’s Day. If you can’t go and do at least you can see (and taste). Enjoy. 

If you’re new to Instagram or the area, make sure you check out these 18 essential West Chester feeds as well. Plus, don’t forget to hit follow on this one, if you haven’t already. 

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  1. Love this! I’m renovating a house in the borough and have been chronicling my journey. My insta is @collegetownfarmhouse if you ever find it worthy!

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