Editor’s note: This list has recently been reviewed. Yep, all still worth your time. 

I thought I’d branch out and launch an Instagram feed for the site and like any good Instagram endeavor I quickly got sucked in and lost hours of my life. I did however, discover, a lot of perfectly wonderful local feeds to follow.

West Chester Instagram feeds to follow: Longwood Gardens
Image: Longwood Gardens’ 

To be inspired:

Local Instagram accounts to follow: West Chester ViewsImage: West Chester Views (swoon)

To remember why you love West Chester:

To be in the know:

West Chester Instagram feeds to follow: West Chester Wedding GuideImage: West Chester Wedding Guide (kind of makes you want to do it again, kind of)

If you’re getting married, or just like to pretend:

West Chester Instagram feeds to follow: Dia DolceImage: Dia Doce (Yum.)

Just not when you’re hungry.

West Chester Instagram feeds to follow: KalyImage: Kaly

You need gift ideas.

You need SO gift ideas.

IMG-0503Image: Blink

You’re a style icon.

West Chester Instagram feeds to follow: Brows by TaraImage: Brows by Tara

You’re a beauty icon.

While this is a great starting point, and definitely represent some iconic West Chester feeds, you know we couldn’t end here.

It’s been a year since I’ve launch Hello, West Chester on Instagram and I’ve met and I am following so many more great feeds. I now have five more to recommend and I am working a new list.

If you are looking for something a little more verbose, here are some local blogs to check out. (And of course, I’d love if you follow this one too.)

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