Happy Valentine’s Day, West Chester! I have a treat for you – six more local Instagram feeds you are going to want to follow.

(If you’re new to Instagram or West Chester or this site, I recommend checking out these 18 Instagram accounts, too).  

Ok, let’s get started.

If you’re a dog person…


West Chester Pups

Much like the name implies this feed is dedicated to the pups of West Chester, PA. (Not to be confused with #dogsofwestchester – a popular Instagram hashtag frankly overrun by the dogs of Westchester, NY.) Full of cute fuzzy faces this popular Instagram newcomer already has over 1000 followers – not that I’m comparing…


If you’re a book person…


Baldwin’s Book Barn

If you like books, and pictures of books, you’re going to want to follow this local institution. There’s nothing polished or professional about their photos which gives their feed a cozy feel like a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day.


If you’re a beer person…



Even if you’re not a beer person, you’ll likely enjoy this feed. The guys and girls of Levante know how to have fun with the medium. The photo series on their new canning operation was particularly cool.


You’re a foodie…



Formerly The Town Dish, this group of local food enthusiasts have reinvented themselves as PA Eats. Brace yourself for stunning pictures of regional dining options. Just don’t binge hungry, or you just might find yourself on a road trip in search of lobster avocado toast.  


You think it sometimes helps to look at things from another perspective…


Above Ground Level Droneworks

The work of a commercial drone pilot and West Chester University Alum this feed is full of dazzlingly aerial photography of West Chester and the surrounding areas.

Who do you follow? There are so many good feeds out there. I think I might do a focus on honey next time, we seem to have a lot of beekeepers in the area.

Plus, these local articles were really good definitely worth a few minutes of your time.


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