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Fern Hill Elementary on Lincoln Ave will be one of the school most affected by the redistricting plan.

We knew it was coming. We had been briefed on the “unprecedented growth.” We knew that to accommodate that growth, to get fair and equitable distribution to our elementary schools, and fill the now-underway Greystone elementary, some kids were going to have to change schools. Now we know, which kids and which schools. 

In all, the redistricting effort as proposed will impact just over 1000 students (837 current students, and 186 new students), mainly in the northern parts of the district where the bulk of the development is taking place. That said, this plan only addresses planned development. Future developments, such as Crebilly Farms, are not included and will likely require additional changes.  

West Chester Area School District schools facing the biggest changes (from most to least):

greystone Edit 1
Architect’s rendering of Greystone Elementary
  1. Greystone Elementary. Currently under construction, West Chester’s newest elementary is scheduled to be completed late summer 2021.  The school will start its inaugural year with 583 students from Fern Hill and Mary C. House. 
  2. Fern Hill Elementary. Fern Hill is losing 454 current students, mainly to Greystone, while receiving 164 new students from Exton and 86 from Glen Acres Elementaries. This is a net decrease of 244 students bringing the total student body down to 452 from 696. After the redistricting Fern Hill will be the smallest elementary school by population in the district. 
  3. Exton Elementary. Exton is losing 277 students to Fern Hill and East Goshen and gaining 60 from Mary C. House. Exton is currently the largest elementary school in the district with 805 students. If the plan is approved, Exton will begin the 2021-22 school year with 217 fewer students. 
  4. Mary C. House Elementary. MCH will lose 192 students to Exton, East Bradford and Greystone. MCH’s student population will be reduced by 192 students to 499. 
  5. East Goshen Elementary will gain 113 students from Exton. If approved East Goshen will see it’s student body increase to 553.
  6. East High School will gain 79 students, all from Henderson.
  7. Henderson High School will lose 79 students all to East.
  8. Fugget Middle School will gain 68 students all from Pierce. 
  9. Pierce Middle School will lose 68 students all to Fugget. 
  10. Glenn Acres Elementary will lose 86 students to Fern Hill and gain no additional students. Under the new plan Glenn Acres student population will drop from 578 to 492.
  11. East Bradford Elementary will gain 43 students from Mary C. House and 14 from Hillsdale. In total, East Bradford will gain 57 students, bringing their population to 469. 
  12. Hillsdale Elementary will lose 14 students to East Bradford and gain no additional students.*
  13. Penn Wood Elementary will see no changes.
  14. Stetson Middle School will see no changes.
  15. Rustin High School will see no changes. 
  16. Starkweather Elementary* school will see no changes.* After redistricting is complete, Starkweather will be the largest elementary school, by population, in the district. Starkweather currently has 787 students. 
  17. Westtown-Thornbury Elementary will see no changes.

*Potential population changes due to the development of Crebilly Farms enrollment have not been considered in this redistricting plan. Should the development move forward as proposed, additions to Hillsdale and Starkweather will likely be need to address the growth. However, this will not be addressed until the plans for the development are approved.   

The School Board will be voting on the final presentation at their next meeting May 27. See the full redistricting presentation, including how they got here, this Thursday, May 21, at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom

Find a neighborhood by neighborhood breakdown here.

If you have questions about the redistricting plan, please contact redistrictingfeedback@wcasd.net or you can call Linda Cherashore at 484-266-1018.

Plus, cool elementary-level initiatives being undertaken by the school district including kindergarten coding classes and module study spaces.

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