Sterling pig
What does it take to make a list of West Chester’s top bars? First, knowledge of West Chester bars.

A couple of weeks ago PhillyBite put out their list of the best West Chester bars, and it raised the question, “have they ever been here?” Their number two was Four Dogs Tavern, and while a solid establishment, I’d hardly call it a West Chester bar. They also had Appalachian Brewing Company on the list (which barely made it to publication time) while classics like Square Bar, Jitters and Levante (sacrilege) were left off. 

So our friends at Drunks of West Chester came up with their own list. 

“We feel like we have our finger on the pulse of the people in the borough when it comes to bars,” the Drunks told me via Instagram.

These are in order. Because when you know your stuff you take a stand. 

split rail
Split Rail Tavern, downtown West Chester, PA

West Chester’s Best Bars:

  1. Saloon 151

  2. Split Rail Tavern

  3. Jake’s

  4. Barnaby’s

  5. Sterling Pig

    Side Bar, downtown West Chester, PA
  6. Levante

  7. Ram’s Head

  8. Jitters 

  9. Side Bar

  10. Square Bar

Note: The PhillyBite list has been updated to remove the now closed Appalachian Brewing Company. Their new number ten is the Stone Tavern (who?).

Drunks of West Chester. Follow them on Instagram.

Thanks to the Drunks of West Chester for standing up for the local bar scene and for letting me share their list with  you. 

So thoughts? How’d they do? 

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