Surprise August showers.

It’s Friday, August 9. Break out the welcome mat. Governor Wolf makes a visit and weighs in on West Chester’s plastic ban while, downtown gets ready to host its pinnacle summer event. Plus, the street tree fund is out of money and a list of road closures for Saturday. Grab one of those bike race beers and let’s get started. 

High st
Governor Wolf praised West Chester for its unique, walkable downtown.

“Driven by a fatigue of sameness, people are looking for places that have their own unique meaning.”

– Governor Tom Wolf on his visit to West Chester

Don’t I know you from somewhere? Governor Tom Wolf toured West Chester’s downtown on Thursday praising its walkability and the “borough’s wonderful historic charm.”

I’m not going to sue. When Borough Council voted to enact a ban on single use plastic, despite the state’s one-year moratorium on such actions, many felt it would open the town up to legal action by the state. Speaking to the Philadelphia Inquirer last week, Governor Wolf said that the state has “no jurisdiction to challenge the ban.” The District Attorney reinforced the position stating he would not take action unless directed by the Governor. Barring action by an individual or business, it looks like the Borough’s ban on single use plastic bags and straws will go quietly into effect on July 2, 2020 as planned.  

Traffic troubles. A three-car collision on 322 Bypass near N. New Street, snarled traffic and required emergency intervention Thursday night. Police, Fire and EMTs were all called to the accident which took place around 5 p.m. One victim was found trapped in her car and had to be removed through a hole cut in the roof of the vehicle. Fortunately, the rescue went smoothly. According to a report by Fame Fire Company, the rescue took 19 minutes from the team’s arrival until the victim was safely removed and on her way to the hospital. 

West Union Street trees.

The street tree program. Have you heard of the Borough of West Chester program that gives residents free trees to plant in that swath of land between the sidewalk and the street? Well, it’s out of money. Turns out the program was run by a sizeable grant that has sense been spent. The Borough maintains a small budget for replacement trees, but the program that was handing them out for free is no more.  

Whatcha reading? Expect wait times for digital editions of popular new releases to grow, the West Chester Library warned readers. Macmillan recently announced changes to library e-book sales. Under the new terms libraries will only be allowed to purchase one perpetual access e-book during the first eight weeks of publication for each new Macmillan release. 

Well, this is an awkward transition.  Sixth Grade transition camp took place at all three middle schools this week. The half-day camp is an opportunity for incoming students to meet teachers, transition classes, open their locker, essentially take a trial run before the rush of the first day of school.

Flu Season 2020. In an email communication that went out this week the West Chester Area School District is upping the number of sick days a student can take without a doctor’s notice from seven to ten. In total, with vacation and sick days, a student can miss 15-days a year with just a parent’s permission. Now, nobody tell the kids, please.   

Road closures Twilight Cycling Classic

The warnings. Several roads downtown will be closed from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. for Saturday’s Benchmark Twilight Cycling Classic, including Gay Street from Matlack to Darlington Street;  Market Street from Matlack to Darlington Street and  High Street from Miner to Chestnut.

The accolades. Who’s ready for school to start? West Chester Area School District was given an A+ rating by Niche.com, think Zillow for neighborhoods, for their academics, college prep and activities. Overall, the site ranked them the 30th best district in the state. 

Top Spot contenders. While I question any best of list that includes a Cold Stone Creamery but neither Gemelli or D’ascenzo’s as an option under best ice cream, PHL17 is running its Top Spots promotion to find the best area options in nearly 200 categories. The list is comprised entirely of customer input and while, clearly not perfect, there are several well-deserving local establishments that have made the long list of finalists. Representing West Chester: Country Bagel and Bakery, the Master’s Baker, Brandywine Ace Pet & Farm, Double Diamond Tattoos, Matlack Florist and Baldwin’s Book Barn. 

This is purely a popularity contest so if you like one of these places and feel they deserve a little local love, go to PHL17.com and vote.  

Also, basking in the patron love this week, Opa Taverna, which was named an Open Table Diner’s Choice for 2019

West Chester Public Library

Give back. The West Chester Public Library public fund is going on now. If you’re interested in supporting, here’s your link

Have any old artwork collecting dust in the attic? Friends of Everhart Park is looking for donations for its Recycle Your Art Event. Proceeds from the sale will go to support planned activities in the park including a new state of the art playground and a water fountain for canine visitors (!).

Also, rerunning this one as a reminder to myself. Thought this would be a super easy give, then forgot two weeks in a row! Friends Association, a nonprofit that helps families during times of housing crises, is in need of gift cards to Wawa and Giant. The West Chester-based organization’s supply was depleted when five new families hit the shelter at around the same time. Drop the gift cards off at their 113 W. Chestnut Street office weekdays between 9-4:30. 

Hello. To Cinq Salon which is now officially open at 25 High Street. If you’re an Avante regular you’ll likely recognize the talent behind the new shop.  

Let’s hope this weekend’s all sunshine and rainbows.

The freakin’ weekend. What are you up this weekend? We are celebrating our newly minted five-year-old with some SkyZone jump time and a happy meal. Then we are heading over to catch the bike race and maybe this block party, and this beer?  

Also, on Saturday, hometown talent Jackie Verna will be performing at Uptown. You know her from last year’s season of the Voice, where she made it into the top 10 before being eliminated. (You may also know her from high school.) She’s got a country bent and a big voice. 

Mark your calendars: 

  • Benchmark Twilight Cycling Classic, Downtown, Aug. 10
  • Touch a Truck Day, Chester County Government Services Building, Aug. 11
  • Last family movie night of the summer showing Moana, WCPL, Aug. 14
  • PA Philharmonic presents a Mozart Celebration, West Chester University, Aug. 14
  • Music at Marshall picnic concert, Marshall Square Park, Aug. 15
  • Community Day, Melton Center, Aug. 18
  • Move in Weekend, West Chester University, Aug. 23-24
  • School starts, WCASD, Aug. 26

Thanks for stopping by, we are done here. Have a great week. In case you missed it, here’s last week’s Round Up and if you are in town for the race, check out these other fun ways to kill an hour in downtown West Chester. See you next week! 

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