Low fencing was installed at the entrance of Marshall Square Park.


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Have you been to Marshall Square Park recently? It is looking fabulous. Last week the Friends of Marshall Square Park (FMSP) completed their landscaping project along the busy corners of N. Matlack and Marshall Streets. The project, part of the FMSP master plan, was undertaken to enhance safety around the playground equipment and called for the addition of a new low fence surrounded by seasonally appropriate plantings. The fencing, which includes replicas of the acorns found in the original design, matches what was used around the fountain on the northeast side of the park. 

The team used shrubs, perennials, ground covers, and ferns, many of which are native plants, as well as pollinators, on either side of the new fencing. They also took into consideration the sloping terrain. The result? A beautiful safety enhancement that will help to stabilize existing slopes over the long term and eliminate the need for mowing!

“The new plantings are designed to enhance the park’s “edges” and will offer seasonal color and interest throughout the year,” the group shared in a statement. They are certainly doing a wonderful job now. 

This project was undertaken and funded by the FMSP. The plan was designed by founding member, landscape architect Anne Walters, and supported by FMSP President Jeff Beitel. The group has also pledged to take care of all future maintenance on the project (and provided all these gorgeous photos!) 

Originally published, Nov. 3, 2023

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