Word is Saucey’s coming back after closing this summer.

Closed since this summer, Saucey’s is coming back. According to a post on Instagram, the pizza shop is coming back under new management. 

“Stay tuned for our Grand Opening at the end of the month,” a post last week stated. However, since they couldn’t bother to remove the watermarks on their “we’re back” image, I am still “wait and see” on this one.  

Also, making their big comeback, America’s Pie. After suffering a fire at the start of the year, the family-owned pizzeria made its return last week, fittingly, on National Pizza Day.   

“Coming back from this fire was a struggle. An unimaginable amount of time, money, and work went into fixing and redesigning the store. It will take us a long time to recoup but we’re ready to put the work and time in!” the company shared on Instagram. 

Originally published, Feb. 17, 2023

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