“The doggie drinking fountain is installed and functional!!!!!!”

Susan Frens, Friends of Everhart Park
Everhart Park’s latest improvement is for the dogs.

Good news for all you dog owners, dog-walkers and I suppose, anyone who may attempt to walk a cat, Everhart Park has added a pet water fountain to the premise. 

“The doggie drinking fountain is installed and functional!!!!!!” Friends of Everhart Park’s Susan Frens wrote recently in her monthly update to members.

Located near the people fountain so both pup and parent can refresh.

The doggie water fountain, which is located by the bathrooms toward the back of the park, works similarly to a regular water fountain. The only differences are it is foot operated and instead of the water flowing directly down the drain, it pools in the bottom forming a little bowl from which the pup can drink.   

West Chester’s Everhart Park, already a popular destination for dog walkers.

It is my understanding this is the only such fountain in the Borough and with surely weeks, if not months, of warm temps left, Everhart Park may have just secured itself as the most walked spot in the Borough.

Sustained high temps are just as hard on pets as they are on humans, here are some tips on how to best keep pets safe and cool. Plus, a cautionary tale on micro-chipping from a local expert.

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