Are you planting a garden this year? 

This will be the third year I’ve had my own garden. It’s just a small raised bed garden in the back corner of our lot but it’s enough to produce a handful of summer essentials. I love being able to walk out the door and grab a zucchini or a handful of spinach or a few tomatoes to add to our dinner- even in years when the idea of going to the grocery store didn’t instill a sense of dread.

I am by no means a knowledgeable gardener. Each year somethings work, others don’t. Last year, I got about a zillion yellow squash but I planted them too close to the pepper plants and their big squash leaves blocked the sun severely stunting the growth of my poor bells. My tomatoes and spinach did well, but my cucumbers never took and my green beans got devoured by a bunny. 

I was so proud of these squash until they over grew everything and took out half the garden.

So this year I was on the lookout for some help, when I came across this hilarious (and informative) Instagram gardening series, “Courtney’s Victory Garden How-To Series” by West Chester University nutrition major and West Chester Green Team member, Courtney Bodle. In it Courtney walks viewers through the basics of starting a victory garden in a very real (and relatable) way.

I reached out to Courtney about her series and asked if she could share a few tips with us amateurs. 

How to Grow a “Bitchin'” Victory Garden

garden tour
Not my garden. Closer to what I imagine Courtney’s might look like. 

Now, Courtney’s series is already five episodes in so I had to ask, is it too late to start a garden if you live in southeastern PA? 

Courtney: “It’s the perfect time to start a victory garden. In fact, it’s always a good time as long as you know some basics.” 

Good to know.

Also, good to know. Marigolds deter small mammals and you can use six foot high chicken wire tied to rebar to form a “fence.” Learn how in episode 5 (and try to get through that bunnies.)

Courtney’s Victory Garden How-To Series

You can find the entire series on her Instagram account. So far she’s covered raised beds, container gardens, seed starting and transplanting. 

Thanks, Courtney!

Also, need a plant supplier while we’re still under a stay-at-home order? I found the perfect place

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