Why do the toddlers never want to stay on the toddler equipment? 

Who Has a Cool Idea for a Playground?

Earlier this fall I shared the exciting news, Everhart Park is getting a new playground! Yay! Now it’s time to share your ideas on how we make this the best playground in West Chester. 

“We’re committed to involving the community in this design,” Rachel Kagan, Friends of Everhart Park’s playground lead told me in an email. 

To begin gathering ideas, the Friends of Everhart Park (FoEP) has developed a quick, eight-question survey on the project. They want to know, what do you like about the playground and what would you change? What ideas have you seen at other parks that you like? And what special things about Everhart Park and the West Chester community can we celebrate in the design? 

Indy park
Friends of Everhart Park wants your ideas for their new playground. This cool climbing park in Indianapolis is nothing like anything I’ve seen around here.

FoEP will be working with Play by Design, a playground designer that according to their website, “produces custom designed play structures that are safe, affordable and all-inclusive” to create the design and build the new structure. 

In addition to community outreach, Play by Design will also be conducting a design session with the children at Hillsdale Elementary to get their thoughts on what they would like to see in a playground. A designer from Play by Design will be onsite at the school and the students will get to see their suggestions come to life in real-time.

Once all the feedback is gathered, the Play by Design team will make a final presentation to the community at a Design Day presentation planned for 7 p.m., January 22 at Hillsdale elementary school. Note, this will be the final design, only minor changes will be made at or after the meeting. So…

How to Share Your Thoughts

What would you like to see from a new playground? The time to share your thought is now!

Want to get involved? You can take the quick four minute survey here

Share with any families that use the park, and even those that don’t. Responses are needed by January 15.

Plus, our kindergartners are coding and it’s never too early to prepare for a collaborative work environment.

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