10 Holiday-Spirit Inspiring Places to Get a Tree

christmas tree
Holly jolly time at a Christmas tree stand on 202.

Where do you get your Christmas tree? 

(For the sake of this post, I am skipping over the live versus artificial debate. Yes, understand I will be picking needles out of the floorboards until June, but it’s the price I am willing to pay.) 

For several years, we hit up a tree stand on 202 just north of the borough. The prices were a bit high and the trees, not great, but it had that gritty Christmas Story feel I am for some reason drawn to. Plus, we could hit the gym, claim our tree, grab a quick hot chocolate and still be back in time for naps. Then last year we went with a significant upgrade splurging on the Christmas Tree Train from the West Chester Railroad. 

Just note: this is NOT the Santa train. Neither the big man nor Mrs. Claus are aboard. 

If you’ve not tried this, the train leaves from Market Street at 8 a.m. then travels to Wiggins Tree Farm. Once you arrive, you grab a sled and a saw and meander through the lines of trees looking for “the one.” After you select and cut it, your tree is then loaded onto the back of the train and driven back to the borough. From there you collect the tree from the cargo hold and attempt to hoist and secure it to the top of your vehicle. Twine, thankfully, is provided. 

The train accommodations are rustic but there is complimentary hot chocolate and donuts (technically coffee too, but trust me, you’ll want to go with the hot chocolate.) It was a fun and I would do it again, but we waited too long and the day we need is sold out. 

So, I was in search of some alternative ideas when I came across these awesome suggestions to this very same question on Nextdoor and Facebook. Whether you are in need of an actual tree or just the motivation to get going, these helpful responses will get you in the holiday spirit.  

Best Place Near West Chester to Get a Christmas Tree

christmas train
Wiggins tree farm by way of the West Chester Railroad.

Head over to Broad Run Road just off of Shadyside, nice trees, bonfire and various refreshments with the neighbors. Love it!

The very best local tree farm is in Marshallton. On Telegraph Road which is off Sugars Bridge Road across from the Four Dog Tavern. Signs out on road. 

There is a lovely tree farm on Telegraph Road just below Marshallton. It is between Marshallton -Thorndale Road and Sugars Bridge Road very easy to find and very nice

Not sure when they open for the season but we went to Yeager’s tree farm in Chester springs

Shop local.  Baileys Farm!!

Clark’s Christmas Tree farm! There’s a huge Christmas shop 🙂

Burkholder’s on Paoli Pike! They have nice trees and lots of other Christmas decor. Bonfire for roasting marshmallows (they supply marshmallows, etc…), complimentary hot chocolate, beer and wine. Great place!

Wiggins Tree Farm off 926 in West Chester. Trees are cut or you can go cut one yourself.

Schmidt’s tree farm. Family owned and run with GREAT trees. Check out their website for directions.

The place on Hall Road, West Bradford. It’s across from Highland Orchards. Go there. Get your tree & hot chocolate, then run across the street to Highland for a dozen donuts to take home! 10 seconds on the microwave in the morning & they are perfect!

I’d add the railroad, too, if you remember in enough time to secure your ticket!

hot chocolate
Celebrating tree selection success!

So, where’s your favorite place to get a tree? Leave your answer in the comments below. 

Plus, 15 ways to celebrate after knocking out all your holiday shopping. Espresso martini, please.

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