Isn’t this a cool map of the borough?

Maps of West Chester
Official Borough of West Chester map

I was digging through the borough website the other day when I came across this page titled, A Home for Our Maps and on it I found the “Official Borough Of West Chester map.”

I love how clean the design is, just vertical lines of streets lined one next to another. It reminds me a of whole town comprised of the spines of books stacked neatly next to each other.  Broken up only by the greens of existing parks and blues of streams.

The red and brown areas signify proposed right-of-ways and proposed borough land respectively. Both of which I think the map could do without, but still I found it rather striking. Worthy of being properly framed and hung in an office somewhere.

Also, a clear reminder of the borough border lines which always seems to come up in conversation.

Prefer a map you can use? Check out this version that offers a historic stroll through town or how about a tale of mapping gone wrong?


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