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Green Field Park, West Chester, PA.

Green Field Park

Vibe: I am sure when the stands are filled and teams are mulling, there is an energy to this park, but on afternoons when no games are scheduled, like the Sunday afternoon we cruised by, it is quiet. That is the beauty and the fault of the one-purpose park. It knows what it does (this one plays baseball or really any base-running sport) and I am sure it does it well, but if it’s not doing that, it can’t really do much else.

You’ll be here to cheer on your favorite ball player or because your office entered a team into West Chester’s Kickball league (my favorite discovery in researching this post), but otherwise you’ll probably have no reason to come to this Franklin Street park. Unless of course you live in the area and need a place to host a neighborhood baseball pick-up game.

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T-ball practice.


According to the West-Chester website, Green Field Park was purchased in two transactions – the first occurring in 1941. The second taking place roughly 20 years later.

Key features: This park is mainly a playing field with bleachers and home plate on one end and a parking lot off the outfield. The field is lighted to accommodate night games. Contact the West Chester Parks and Recreation to coordinate access. 

Events: Several teams hold games and practices here including the West Chester Dragons competitive travel baseball team and the Unionville Girls Rugby team. During the summer, West Chester Leagues holds their kickball league and some softball games here.

Location: Green Field park is located just off of S. Franklin Street. There is parking available in a lot behind the field.

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Have an idea for Green Field Park or any of the West Chester parks? Check out this post on how to get involved.

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That’s it. After nearly two years (whew) we have come to the end of our tour of West Chester parks. West Chester is lucky to have a vibrant and active park community. If you know of any events happening in a park near you, please drop me an email or leave a comment. I’d be happy to share.  

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