Sometimes when researching stories for the Weekly Round Up, I come across an interesting local story. Not really news, but helpful in giving you a fuller picture of what’s going on in town and in the world in general.

We are still mastering long-form journalism here in West Chester. These are all quick reads – five minutes or less. Enjoy.


Rimon’s Coffee & Grocery has a little bit of everything from greeting cards to fresh made sandwiches.

Ever wish West Chester had a corner shop? A little place walking distance where you could grab a pint of milk or a sandwich? Well, there is. It’s Ramon’s Coffee and Grocery tucked into the middle of Gay Street, down from Saloon 15, across from Ryan’s Pub, and even if you never wanted one, after reading this article Bill Rettew at the Daily Local, you’ll be glad there is.

The Daily Local: This Mom & Pop Store in West Chester


I’ve gotten to that point in the year when I am dreaming of my next vacation and while, I love to dream big, right now, those are just dreams. This article from Main Line Today? All possibilities.

Main Line Today: 10 Road Trips to Take This Spring  

Science and Technology/AI

The robot invasion is coming to Giant! Ok, not exactly but I was surprised to learn that robots will soon be expanding beyond the stockroom and warehouses. In this article that appeared in the Daily Local, reporter Donna Rovins talks to Giant about their plans to have robots on the retail floor of 172 stores by mid-year. Worth a read, if only so you’re not surprised when a robot offers to get that for you.

The Daily Local: Giant is Adding Robot Assistants

  • Donna Rovins drovins@21st-centurymedia.com @MercBiz


Jane Chalfant. West Chester.

Maybe it’s because I am not originally from around here but I am a sucker for a good backstory. Like Jane Chalfant has been selling top fashions to West Chester women since 1933 or that Taylor’s Music Store is the Borough’s longest running establishment – blocking Gay Street for 90 years now! You can read about them all in the last (sorry, a little behind on my reading) issue of the West Chester Press

The West Chester Press: Setting the Standard


I’ll admit I wasn’t completely convinced of the importance of this article until, I got to this statistic,  around half of all teachers will at some point in their career will have a voice problem. Half? Maybe teachers do need vocal training? Read this article from ABC6 about the work being done by a West Chester University to change that. I wonder if she also offers tips to parents?

6ABC: Better Training for Teachers Most Important Tool – the Voice

This is another good local article on education and something I think the West Chester school district should consider adopting.

What have you been reading lately?

Plus, here’s an earlier article on the same topic although, this was has the background on West Chester’s increasing popular Banksy-style incognito street artist.

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