Sometimes we get busy, and we miss things. Sometimes we get busy, and don’t have time to write things (cough, cough). And sometimes we just want to zone out and fall down the internet rabbit hole. This is for those times.


1) Preparing our kids for the future.


Study time is getting a makeover, plus, more articles on education like:

How the School District is addressing the classroom shortage, our kindergarteners are coding and changes to graduation requirements.

2) How one neighbor is keeping our sidewalks safe…


Why Amazon Needs to Update Its GPS plus, other uniquely West Chester articles, like, the trick to get into story time at the library and how to bike safely in the borough.

3) West Chester and the environment

Hello, West Chester a blog about west chester pa and environment

West Chester’s climate change plan plus, more articles on our green initiatives like, where to park your electric car and how to protect our night skies.

5) The things we love


5 local Instagram feeds you should follow, plus, other things we love like these 18 additional Instagram feeds and 8 blogs.

And while, you’re following and liking things, follow Hello, West Chester, too. I’d love that. See you Friday!

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