Story time at the West Chester library is a joy in its simplicity. Stories, rhymes, songs with hand motions and shaky eggs are all handled with a loving calmness that’s soothing to both parent and child. So it’s no wonder it’s hard as hell to get into.    

Every six week the library opens registration for the next story time session and every six weeks registration closes after approximately 60 seconds.

Which may seem like a deterrent, but this early literacy program is popular for a reason. Not only is it well taught, it is a great way to meet other new parents in and around the Borough. So now that you are convinced you and your child must be a part of this program, here is how you get in.

Registration for story time at West Chester library
Story time at the West Chester Library is adorable and a pain in the *(% to get into.

How to get registered:

  1. Mark the day of registration on your calendar.
  2. Set a reminder, an alarm, whatever you need to do so you are seated comfortably at a computer when the clock hits 10 a.m. preciously. I’m sure mobile is fine too but really why chance it?
  3. Navigate to the library website and select calendar of events
  4. Then at exactly 10 a.m. (To be safe you should start refreshing at 10:29) you will need to select the class you want and complete the registration form. Then keep your fingers-crossed the class isn’t full yet.  

Note the younger your child the harder the classes are to get into. Spots for 0 to 11 months and 12 to 24 months are particularly difficult, if your child is two or above there may still be hope you’ll get a spot even if you don’t hit the 10 a.m. sign up time.

If you don’t get in this time don’t dismay, there will be another session and another sign up soon enough.

Other Useful Information:

  • The library asks for a $5 donation
  • Select from 0-11 months, 12-24 months, 2 year olds and Play K for 3, 4 and above.
  • Classes meet once a week during the day. Each session is made up of five classes.  
  • Story time runs from September through May. The library usually takes the summers off offering drop in options instead.  
  • Note: Both you and your child will have to remove shoes  

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