West Chester's Market Street Grill is a popular brunch option.
Market Street Grill has been celebrated for the best breakfast in the area.

If Saturdays are made for errands, laundry and the gym, Sundays are made for relaxing and all those traditions that make life wonderful.

For us, one of those traditions is heading over to Market Street Grill after church on a Sunday morning. We get up early so we can sneak in right before the college students start stirring and the wait becomes insurmountable for a family with little ones.

If you haven’t been to the Market Street Grill they like to describe themselves as an “innovative twist on a diner,” but to me they are more like the “it” breakfast spot you find in most cities. A little unassuming to look at them but with a line around the corner by 10 am. (See above).

And that’s probably because their reputation precedes them with accolades like Main Line Today’s Best Breakfast, a solid 4.5 rating on Yelp and serious word of mouth.     

Cinnamon swirl french toast. Market Street Grill, West Chester, PA
Cinnamon swirl French toast.

When you walk in there are three rows of tables and booths, the kitchen to the back and a bar to the right. The walls are lined with oversize pop art paintings many Warhol-inspired. They have won praise for their bruno burrito, their stuffed French toast and an innovative selection of specials scrawled in chalk high on the back wall.

I love to read the specials, even toy with the idea of ordering one but usually settle in one of two places – the cinnamon swirl French toast or the breakfast burrito. Both are delicious and both will leave you wishing your pants had an elastic waist. My husband is partial to the Kennett Square omelet loaded with mushrooms and American cheese (two things I can do without) and the pancakes as big as your plate. (Duplicating those pancakes at home continues to be an un-mastered goal of his.)

Market Street Grill, West Chester, PA kid-friendly
There’s no kids menu but a relaxed vibe that can handle their energy.

There is no real kids menu so you kind of have to go off script grabbing an a la cart pancake or scrambled egg. Although this time we went for the yogurt parfait. Essentially a pint of yogurt layered with seasonal fruit and homemade granola in a fancy sundae dish. The kids loved it and there was plenty to share.   

I’m getting hungry just looking at that French toast. Can’t wait for Sunday.  

What are your weekend traditions? I’d love to hear.

Plus, five runs you shouldn’t miss. You know, because all that French toast.


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