West Chester is a lovely town. It has been recognized for its downtown, its trees, its restaurants, its walkability. It can also be expensive.

Single family home for sale in West Chester PA
At $392/sq ft this single family home is the most expensive Borough home currently for sale.

Real estate prices in the Borough and surrounding areas have been rising steadily since February 2016. With median home prices for the two zip codes that split West Chester around $180/sq ft, home prices here rank above many of major U.S. cities.

Philadelphia, by comparison, recorded a median price of $71/sq ft, Boston, $143/sq ft.  

Real Estate Prices by Zip Code

West Chester is split directly down the middle by two zip codes. West Chester residents that live north of Market Street live have a 19380 zip code. Those that live to the south, have a 19382 zip code.  While both zip codes expand well beyond the Borough limits comparing home prices by zip code does make for an interesting conversation topic and offers neighborly bragging rights.

So is there there a difference once you cross Market Street?

Median real estate prices in West Chester

Median real estate prices in West Chester
Figures courtesy of Realtor.com/Local

According to Realtor.com, median home prices are higher in the 19382 zip code but square footage will cost you more in the 19380. Stated another way you’ll get less for more north of Market Street and you’ll get more for more south of Market Street.

Regardless, of which zip code you choose we’re glad you’re our neighbor.  

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