The Chester Country Kindness Rocks Project.

If you haven’t found a painted rock with an inspirational message lying randomly on a step or nestled under a tree, frankly, you have not been getting out enough. These colorful creations are part of the Kindness Rocks Project and they were popping up all over Chester County last summer and fall.

The Kindness Rocks Project is a grassroots effort started by Megan Murphy three years ago when a quiet moment on the beach led to a revelation and an opportunity to inspire and support others. She painted five rocks, included words of support and dropped them on the beach. When word got back to Megan that her little act, did in fact make a difference in someone’s day, a movement was born. (Watch Megan explain it).  

We had found a few outside homes and the library, but we really hit the Kindness Rock jackpot when the boys’ found one on the stone ledge surrounding Soldiers’ Monument at Marshall Square park. The rock came with clear instructions:

“You found it! Keep it or hide it but, first POST IT: Kindness Rocks Chester County”

And I totally meant too.

My apologies to the Chester Country Kindness Rocks Project.
The kindness rock in the window sill of our living room.

To make amends and hopefully keep what I think is an idea with its heart (and flowers) in the right place, I wanted to help spread the word.

Interested in adding your own rock to the mix?

  1. Paint your rock, hide it and smile at the thought of someone finding it.
  2. Add instructions to share at #kindnessrockschestercounty. There are already dozens of photos posted.
  3. Get to know fellow rockers. Join the local chapter of the movement. The closed Facebook group has over 3,000 members across Chester and Montgomery counties.
  4. Check out the Kindness Rock! Event (TODAY) at the library.

At last check there were 51 people interested, so next time you’re having a rough day look down. You just might find a rock specially designed to brighten your day. 

Plan on distributing your rocks by bike? Read this first. Keep smiling West Chester.



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