There’s a lot going on in this Borough. Sometimes it’s hard to catch it all the first time around.

Lulu Casita's popular play cafe is coming to West Chester.
Image from Lulu Casita’s.

West Chester to get a dog park? Apparently Borough Council Members Bernie Flynn and Don Braceland met with members of the local community to discuss turning Horace Pippen Park into a dog park. Hmm, I think I saw that idea somewhere? The change would include at minimum a new fence and the removal of the baseball diamond. Thoughts on this project, pro or con, let the Council Members know by clicking either above.

WCU biologist a finalist for the 2018 European Inventor Award. Biologist Frank Fish and his colleagues reimagined the conventional wind turbine fan blade. Taking their cues from the flippers of the humpback whale they designed a blade that can help wind farms produce up to 20 percent more power. Yay for innovation!

Lulu Casita’s is coming to West Chester The popular Ardmore café is planning to open its second location in West Chester this fall. I have not been but parents that have swear by its ability to distract and entertain the kids so you can get a little work done or just enjoy a coffee in peace.

Want to feel like a jackass? You can now rent out Castle Bam on Airbnb. While the home won’t look exactly as it did on MTV it does feature an indoor skatepark, swimming pool, a space for band practice and comes with a fun story to tell.

They’re paving by Giant -on Strasburg Rd. in front of Walgreens and the Giant gas station. Also, on Hannum Avenue between Washington and New St.. Expect lane restrictions and general chaos. Borough is anticipating the construction to be wrapped sometime this week.

Peanut butter & jelly drive. Is there a better summer sandwich than the PB&J? The United Way and Chester County Food Bank are hosting a food drive looking specifically for any nut (peanut, almond) or alternative (sunflower) butters and jams or jelly. Good news is you haven’t missed this, drive ends June 1.

High recognition for area high schools.  All three West Chester high schools earned silver awards in the annual US News & World Report Best High Schools rankings. According to the magazine, to be eligible for gold or silver recognition, a school’s students “must do well on the appropriate statewide tests and graduate at high rates.” Congratulations, now go forth and graduate.*

*Area ceremonies held June 5, 6, and 7th.


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