Bike safe, West Chester

Despite the below average temps, my kids are itching to ride their bikes. We are fortunate to have a pretty safe path around our block and easy access to Everhart Park but these routes, while nice for the little ones, are limiting for everyone else.

A couple of times each spring we’ll head out to East Goshen Park where we can ride in peace. It makes for a nice afternoon but it’s not exactly convenient to load all the bikes into the back of the car. So I’ve been on a quest to find a family-ride closer to home.

In my search, I was recently pointed to this bike map on the West Chester Borough website:

Bike map

It was developed by the now retired Borough Leaders for Emissions Reductions (BLUER) in collaboration with Chester County Cycling Coalition, a project of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, and it attempts to layout a safe route through town.

Has anyone tried it? What do you think? Where do you go for rides?

Plus, streets to avoid when planning that ride.

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