Hello, West Chester,

Have any plans this weekend? My husband is taking the boys over to Highland Orchard for their Fall Food and Craft Beerfest while, I use the opportunity to peruse the growers market in peace. Should be a nice one – here are some topics to talk about over leaf piles or pumpkin ales.

  • Tuesday is Election Day. It’s an off year without any major national races and most of us have had about enough of politics right about now, so it would be ridiculously easy to sit this one out but you shouldn’t. As frustrating as things have been nothing changes without participation. Find your polling place here and a sample ballot here (do a search on your precinct for example West Chester 1)
  • Supermarkets. While we appear to be no closer to my personal dream of a grocery store within walking distance of downtown. The area is making strides toward improving its grocery game. First there is the brand new, completely rebuilt Giant at 1502 West Chester Pike which is scheduled to open November 10. Second, it sounds like plans for the eagerly awaited Exton Whole Foods (with full bar!) are moving forward. While reps for the company won’t commit to an exact date, jobs have been posted and plans are still loosely on for next year.
  • Justice for a despicable act. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports a West Chester man will get his day(s) in jail after using his position as a social worker to steal personal information of children in foster care. The information was used in a tax scheme that led to illegal deductions worth 1.2 million dollars.
  • Have you seen the P&G video for the Winter Olympics? Grab the tissues and be prepared to give your mom a call.
  • Ladybugs. I spotted the first of the season this week. Any idea how to keep them out of the house?

IMG_6182 (2)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend – and don’t forget to fall back.

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