Welcome, to my first blogging experience. (Go easy on me.) I thought it best to start with what this blog is about and why I’m here.

Maybe a little background is in order. It all started a couple of years ago. I had just quit my job with the intention of staying home with my youngest (and one on the way). My world went from work-centric to neighborhood-centric overnight – and it turned out I didn’t know much about my ‘hood.

What do you do with kids all day? Where do the moms and dads hang out? I’ve been to the park by house a thousand times – were there any more? Then a woman in the park told me about Story Time at the West Chester library with the key tip – you must register when it opens. I mean the minute it opens. Wait at your computer, watch the clock. (If you get nothing else out of this blog, new moms and dads I hope you get that.) And from there I met people who turned me onto other programs – a pre-preschool program at the Y – let me in on the secrets of the parks  – Marshall Square just upgraded their playground equipment, West Goshen and, if you’re willing to travel, East Goshen, can both kill a morning. Then there’s a splash park on Minor. Kid’s love it, but parking is a pain.

I was getting better acquainted but I realized I was never the one in the know. So I subscribed to the Daily Local, started following the Borough, the Chamber of Commerce, and local businesses on social media, still things slipped through the cracks. I joined the Sustainability Committee and I learned of even more things I didn’t know. Public works projects, upcoming developments, and I started wondering, wouldn’t it be great if there was one place you could go to be updated on all that is happening in West Chester? Events but also, local government and the schools, and all those yard signs – where do they come from and what do they mean?

And just West Chester. The county is great and sure, news from the surrounding areas is relevant but I find myself skimming and scouring wanting to know more about what’s happening here.

So that is what this is – my attempt to gather, consolidate and deliver the news on West Chester. Think of it kind like your local Skimm with some original reporting, more pictures and hopefully more conversation. I’d love to hear from you – heads-up would be appreciated, plus questions, comments, even complaints (but maybe, give me a few posts to try to get the hang of this first? Ok?)

So where do you go for news and happenings in the Borough? Have you ever wished there was one place you could go to all relevant news about West Chester?

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