Opa Taverna busy on Thursday night.


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May reports give us an inside look at the sometimes hidden preparations of catering companies including Bella Cucina Foods, the West Goshen caterer and specialty food retailer that has failed nine follow-up inspections since originally being found out of compliance in December of last year. Also out are Wawa on West Chester Pike, Opa Taverna, and East Goshen Elementary – which continues to wage war with the ants. 

Osteria Ama, 34 PA 926, out, 5 violations, including refrigerated crab meat stored in a metal can, mussels without ID tags, and no certified food manager on staff. 

Bella Cucina Foods, 3 N. Five Points Rd, out, 2 violations – but that was after four follow-up visits this month – and eleven (!) in the last six months – nine of which they failed. Down significantly from the original 19 violations, the latest inspection still found concerning fly activity on the premises. “Fly activity is still present but has significantly decreased inside the facility. Moderate to heavy fly activity continues in exterior refuse area. Facility must take aggressive measures to control, reduce and eliminate flies.” 

Wawa, 1010 West Chester Pike, out, 4 violations, including cleaning requests for the ice machine in the smoothie station, the taps of the self-service coffee dispensers, the lid dispensers, the floor behind the sandwich prep area and the ceiling, lights, and tiles in the food prep area. Makes you wonder – what is going on in this food prep area?  

Boston Market, 726 E. Gay St, out, 10 violations, including a litany of broken or improperly functioning pieces of food service equipment; brownies without labels; and ceilings, hoods, ice scoops, and knife racks in need of a good cleaning. 

Buddy’s Burgers, Breast & Fries, 13 W. Gay St, out, 8 violations, including a soiled ice cream scoop not being cleaned between uses, chili not being properly stored or reheated which ultimately led to the loss of a lot of chili. “Chili was discarded,” the report states on two separate occasions. 

Mizuna Catering, 510 E. Barnard St, out, 9 violations, including ready-to-eat foods being stored without a date indicating when they were prepared, and a deli slicer, floors, and walls all in need of a good scrubbing.   

Opa Taverna, 44 E. Gay St., out, 14 violations, including employees changing tasks without washing their hands, chicken improperly cooled, and pre-made, ready-to-eat foods stored without dates indicating when they were made.  

Oriental Pearl, 1550 Paoli Pike, out, 8 violations, the Oriental Pearl halved their violations from their first visit this month but it still wasn’t enough to please the health inspector. Still needing work – proper storage of raw meats, chicken, and fish to prevent cross-contamination, cleaning of non-food contact surfaces, and a new food-safe method for thawing fish. 

East Goshen Elementary, 800 N. Chester Rd, out, 1 violation, end of the year can’t come soon enough for the East Goshen kitchen staff which once again failed its health inspection report due to ants in the dry storage. 

You can find all reports here. Search by location for more detail. 

Originally published, June 2, 2023

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