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Fugett Park, West Chester, PA

Easily accessible from downtown, Fugett Park is a convenient option for renters looking for some green space


If anyone ever asks you to meet at the park behind the Borough building, this is the park they are referring to. Easily accessible from several downtown apartment complexes (Chestnut Square, Chestnut Street Loft, and Sharples Works to name a few) and the Oscar Lasko YMCA, Fugett Park makes for a convenient detour for parents seeking a safe place to grab some fresh air or renters looking for a way to get visiting relatives out of their swanky downtown apartments.

It’s a small park but it offers a serviceable playground area, some green space and a few scattered picnic benches for those looking to grab a quick outdoor lunch.


According to the Borough website, the land that is now Fugett park once held the Gay Street School. The school was built in 1894 and had a faculty of 7 teachers. It holds distinction for its early integration of black and white students. The borough purchased the land from the West Chester Area School district in 1977. After the Municipal Building was built in 1990, the park was established with the remaining land.

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A playground with multiple slides, a tunnel and playhouse, provides plenty of distraction for little ones.

Key features:

Playground, benches and picnic tables


I am not aware of any events hosted at the park.


Fugett Park is located behind the Township Building where E. Chestnut and N. Adams Streets meet.

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