Completely unverified incidents happening around town

Multiple deer spotted in Everhart park near dark. One viewer spotted eight to ten, another three furry faces in the field facing Minor Street. The deer reportedly migrate down from Price Street and have been doing so for the last couple of years. Either way seems like a lot of activity. Motorists be careful driving in this area especially in early evening hours.

West Chester’s Sustainability Coordinator is leaving after nearly a decade on the job. Her tenure includes major improvements to the borough’s recycling program and a significant decrease in hauled waste. The open position should be posted in the coming weeks.

Auto vandalism reported on the 100 block of West Barnard. A succession of cars reportedly had their driver-side mirrors smashed. Similar incidents can been reported to West Chester Police. Contact Officer Ryan Donkin.

West Chester Area School District Superintendent James Scanlon assured PTO leaders safety was a top priority for the district. The school district has hired a new safety supervisor and continues to work closely with area police departments to ensure the safety of all students. The message was delivered after a shooting at the Bellingham retirement community forced a lock down of all sixteen area schools.

Further news on the topic of school safety, Mike Stitley was hired as safety supervisor for the school district. Stitley was previously Direct of Public Safety & Security at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. He will begin his new position October 2.

PECO phone scam reported. Several residents have reported receiving unsolicited calls from “PECO” suppliers asking them to verify sensitive account information in exchange for a discount on their monthly service.

Giant’s adding a brew garden to their Bradford Plaza location. Now if they could just find a way to take that wall down between the Wine and Spirits shop, they would really be onto something.

Plus, wonder what WalkWorks means and 9 things you can do at the library besides read.


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