Barclay Grounds

Barclay grounds large

Vibe: A rather short squat park with lots of large trees, West Chester’s newest park, the Barclay Grounds was officially and forever saved from development roughly two years ago when the land was purchased and put into a permanent trust. This was thanks in large part to several members of the community that banded together in a single mission, save the land.

Unmarred by courts, diamonds, paths or playground equipment, this peaceful park makes for the perfect picnic spot. Grab lunch downtown or pack your own, throw down a blanket and relax.

Fun fact: You can rent games and activities from the library (a block South on Church St.) to take over and use at the park. Visit the Children’s desk for details.

Key features: This plot of land traces back to William Penn’s original charter and has never been built on. You can find a number of specimen trees with long histories as the plot has served as an orchard and an arboretum of sorts over the years.

Events: Arbor Day celebration, bulb planting parties

Location: N. High St., W. Marshall St., N. Church St. and W. Virginia Avenue

Keep in touch: Save the Barclay maintains an active Facebook page detailing the latest events and happenings at the park.

Have an idea for Barclay or any of the West Chester parks? Check out how this post on how to get involved. You can find a complete list of borough parks here.

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