Did you know West Chester’s had 12 parks? Yes, twelve?! Me neither. To help raise awareness and use, we are featuring all eleven so you’ll always have an answer to the question – what should we do on this beautiful day?

First up, Kathy McBratnie Park, on the corner of Nields and New Streets right across the street from the college.

West Chester, PA parks - Kathy McBratnie ParkVibe: This is your typical neighborhood park. Great for local residents to drop by and shoot a few hoops or for kids to burn off a little energy. While it has seemed a little run down at times, a recently gotten a face lift with new playground equipment, some mulching and a fresh coat of paint has injected some life back into the park. A recent trip saw several kids scrambling up the new equipment.

History: Formerly known as Nields Street Park, in 2003 it was renamed after Kathy McBratnie, long-time director of the borough’s Parks and Recreation Department. McBratnie is credited with bringing such popular events as Super Sunday and the Turks Head Music Festival to West Chester.

Key features: While the park offers fairly standard fair is does feature a colorful mural of the West Chester Park system. Swings, climbing wall, playground equipment, basketball hoop, baseball backstop.

Events: None (that I know of. Please let me know if I’m missing something.)

Location: Located at the corner of W. Nields and S. New streets the park is right across the Street from West Chester University.

Support: Interested in supporting this or any of the West Chester parks? Learn how here.

Want to see another park? Here you go.


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