Street talk: Leaves, baking lessons and property tax referendum

Hello, West Chester, As fall continues its run of loveliness, I’ve been researching some fun topics to discuss with your neighbors this weekend once you dispense with – this weather? Gorgeous. And the Halloween Parade? Short and sweet but candy stations weren’t as big a deal as I thought. Leaf pick up schedule posted. This Continue reading Street talk: Leaves, baking lessons and property tax referendum

Halloween Parade Traffic Warning

Hello, West Chester, Sorry, to keep talking about traffic this week – but this one is a kind of public service announcement for all those kid-less, or grown-kid folks out there. Tonight is the West Chester Halloween Parade. There will be road closures. frantic parents, sugar-high super heroes, unicorns and witches everywhere – many of them Continue reading Halloween Parade Traffic Warning

Street Talk: Racist Pumpkins & Resignations

Hello, West Chester, Another glorious morning – which can only mean it’s time to get moving on all things fall. I dragged the kids to Highland Orchards yesterday after school and this weekend we plan on checking out the East Goshen Park Pumpkin Festival, sadly their much-anticipated, new concept playground with zipline is not yet Continue reading Street Talk: Racist Pumpkins & Resignations