Saloon 151 slushies as modeled by our friends at Drunks of West Chester.

Updated 5/22: Last week the state House and Senate unanimously approved a bill allowing bars and restaurants to sell mixed drinks for takeout during the pandemic. Today Governor Wolf added the final signature. The law is now in effect and West Chester restaurants are ready, dreaming up mouth-watering combinations and bringing back old favorites to add a little spice to an otherwise still-self-isolating, business-as-usual Memorial Day Weekend.

Law details: 

  • Participating establishments (restaurants or hotels) must be licenced by the state to serve alcohol
  • Social clubs and those with club licenses, such as the Eagles are not included. 
  • Cocktails must be served in sealed containers no smaller than 4 ounces, no larger than 64.
  • Drinks must be served with meals. The law does not define meal but anticipate making a food purchase of some kind. 

And don’t get too attached to the convenience, the law was enacted to help businesses that rely on liquor sales for much of their profits. To participate an establishment’s monthly sales must be down more than 25 percent during the pandemic and take out drink sales are only allowed until restaurants are back to 60 percent capacity or greater. 

Where to go in West Chester for a cocktail

“We’re just waiting for Governor Wolf to sign and all your Fauci-Pouchy dreams will come true…”

-John Brandt-Lee, Bar Avalon

1. Fauci-Pouchies and Shakers to Go, Bar Avalon, The Social Lounge

All your Fauci Pouchy dreams have now come true. Choose from Sangria, Old-Fashioned, Blood Orange Margarita and more. Pre-order online from Bar Avalon. 

While, the Social Lounge is bringing you their famous shakers, just now to go!

2. Spiked cocktails and frozen drinks, Rams Head Bar and Grill

Choose from spiced apple, blueberry acai lemonade, strawberry mojito, grape crush, mango pineapple, pineapple citrus crush, strawberry lime cooler, jalapeno margarita. $6 for a 16 oz cocktail.

3. Drinks-icles to Go, Bar Avalon

Celebrate the unofficial start of summer with four pre-mixed ready-to-drink freeze pops in delicious sounding varieties like Strawberry Froze, Red Wine Sangria, Ginger Mint Lemon and Blood Orange Margarita. Pre-order started Tuesday for Memorial Day weekend. A dozen gets you a free cozy (and a nice buzz.)

4. Cocktails for days, Split Rail Tavern, Slow Hand

Enjoy all the Split Rail classics plus their latest concoction, “That B@*#5 Carol Baskin,” which is Bluebird Gin, Aperol, Benedictine, Cherry Heering, Grenadine, and lemon juice with a maraschino cherry garnish. Prices range from $15 -18 for an 8 oz container.  

Slow Hand is also getting in on the action check their website for the live menu or call them now to place your order.

5. Slushies, Saloon 151, Beer Mill, Levante

Saloon 151 has four slushie machines on rotation. Follow them on Instagram for the flavors of the day. Call ahead to order and pick up curbside. You can also walk up but you have to have exact change (credit cards are not accepted onsight). $5 for 12oz; $13 for 32oz.

Beer Mill installed a slushie freezer for grab-and-go access. 

Levante has been dishing out pre-ordered slushies every Sunday of the pandemic. 

Traditionally these slushies have been made from malt-beverages and not liquor so they have technically been legal for a while now – and keep your eyes out for more bar and restaurants joining in the fun now that it’s official.

What drink are you most looking forward to? Kooma has a key lime martini I wouldn’t mind sampling again or that strawberry Mojito sounds pretty good.  

Have a great long weekend everyone! We deserve it. 

Plus, why not grab that cocktail and head to one of West Chester’s 12 parks? (Disclaimer: I am not sure that is legal, but I won’t tell, if you won’t tell.)

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