It’s been a busy spring so far. See what you missed.

With so much going on around town. Catch up on what you may have missed.  

It’s Friday, April 12th. Spring is here and so is tax day. The school district is starting the discussion around school start times, while downtown gets ready to host a film festival and the rest of us get ready for spring break. Plus, more bad news for Sunoco. Let’s see what’s happening this week.  

“We thank everyone who shared the video and the two fellas, smart move to return the property.”

– West Chester Police posted on their Instagram page

The crime and the resolution that drew national attention. Excerpted from the Skimm Daily email.

The missing lion is back. After a weekend adventure away a stone lion was returned, with flowers and a card, to its rightful place atop the steps of a borough home. The hunt for information on the missing beast spread quickly across the borough after the Police Department shared a surveillance video of the crime. News of the theft spread far beyond West Chester when the thieves went one step beyond returning adding their sincerest apologies and some flowers.  Lion’s rightful owner is reportedly happy with the outcome.

School start times. We got word this week that West Chester Area School District is looking at pushing back start times for middle and high school students. There has been a lot of recent research that supports the notion that teenagers are sleep deprived in part, because their internal clocks are not biologically programmed to equip with early start times. (And we just thought they were being lazy.) Several neighboring districts have already made the switch and are reporting positive results but, as Superintendent James Scanlon says in a letter to parents students, “the process is complex and impacts many people.” Meaning, this is just the start of the conversation. Interested? There will be a presentation April 29 at 6:30 p.m. at East High School. The goal? A final report with recommendations to the School Board by March of 2020.  

That d*&% pipeline. For those of you following the pipeline drama, here’s the latest: Chester County has filed a lawsuit to stop drilling entirely. Their grounds? They claim Sunoco changed construction techniques and did not get approval for the new technique. Since the land in question is county land, Sunoco is required follow the terms of the agreed upon easement which the County is alleging they violated. It all gets rather complicated, but what is clear is this means further delays for the project.

The West Chester Film Festival. How many towns the size of West Chester can claim a full fledge film festival? The West Chester festival screens short films, up to 30 minutes in length, at locations around West Chester. Submissions come from independent filmmakers all over the world. The event takes place April 26-28 and tickets are on sale now.

AGTS Edit 1
Art Goes to School Art Show award winners.

The accolades. I don’t know if this counts as accolades, but when you’re included in a roundup of best pastas in the country by a publication as prestigious as the Wall Street Journal, I’d say that’s pretty impressive. Plus, they made this list as well (and I’m kind of picky.)

Also impressive, all these budding young artists. Check out their work now on display at the Chester County Art Association gallery at the Exton Square Mall.

The warnings. Keep your doors locked and your PS4s under close watch. Two break-ins were reported this week and in both cases the popular gaming system was lifted.

Doesn’t this look like fun? All-dog comedy show coming to WCU this Sunday. Tickets start at $10.

Doesn’t this look like fun? All-dog comedy show coming to WCU this Sunday. Tickets start at $10.

The freakin’ weekend. What are you up to this weekend? We are heading up north to help my sister-in-law celebrate a milestone birthday – but first, we will be heading over here to participate in a West Chester tradition and check out the world’s creepiest Easter Bunny.

If you are around tomorrow, our streams could use you, particularly your upper-body strength. Join in the clean up of Goose Creek Saturday at 9 a.m.

Mark your calendar:

Some upcoming events you won’t want to miss.


April 17: Free concert on The Quad, bring a blanket and enjoy an open-air concert put on by the ensembles from the esteemed Wells School of Music  – 4/17


April 26 -28: West Chester Movie Festival 

April 26: Arbor Day at the Barclay Grounds

April 27: Healthy Kids Day at the Y

April 27: Downtown Sidewalk Clean-up scheduled for April 27th

May 4: Growers’ Market Opening Day

May 5: May Day celebration at Everhart park

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If you missed last week’s Round Up catch it here.  Plus, 5 new restaurants you may want to try. (If you get there before I do let me know what you thought).  Next week, we are on vacation so there won’t be a Round Up but I’ll be back trying to catch up on the 26th.  

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