Last night was an evening of meetings in and around West Chester. Here’s what you missed if you decided to snuggle in or cheer on coach, instead.

Kindergarten 101

The West Chester Area school district reviewed its new full day kindergarten program (2018 will be its second year) with parents of the borough’s five year-olds. The new program which is based on the principle of learn through play has allowed the district to expand its math, art and PE curriculum. And as one teacher put it in reviewing the inaugural year – “I haven’t had a kid fall asleep yet!” In case you missed it (and I’m guessing by attendance a few parents did) next steps – first make sure you’ve registered, then you’ll need to call your child’s school to schedule an assessment appointment. Next meeting is May 22 when you’ll have an opportunity to meet your school’s teachers.

SEPTA Rail Feasibility Study

So SEPTA did a feasibility study and shared the results apparently via poster boards last night. We were expecting more of a presentation of the results and an update on plans which this was not but we did learn a few things. 1) Septa has decided that it is definitely feasible to return rail to West Chester. 2) The plan is to expand the Media/Elywn line adding a stop at Wawa, one at Cheney University, another by West Chester University and finally West Chester borough. The rail would connect into the existing West Chester rail line. 3) The project would cost a half a billion dollars to complete.

East Bradford Planning Meeting

This meeting has been getting a lot of attention lately thanks to the Toll Brother’s proposal to build a five-story apartment complex on the site of the former Daily Local building (250 North Bradford Avenue). The original 327 unit building was scaled back in the latest proposal to 270 units but there is still much concern from residents in the area on the impact of the project especially as it relates to traffic and parking. As one concerned citizen put it on the neighborhood site Nextdoor, “There will only be parking for 1.2 – 1.5 cars (you do the math with apts. ranging from 1-3 bedrooms), where will all of those extra cars park?”

The proposal is still in the planning and review stages. The next meeting will be held February 27 at 7:30 at the East Bradford Township building on Copeland School Rd.

Interested in learning more about all this planned development? Check out The Changing West Chester Skyline plus this is just awesome.

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