West Chester Wants You to Shrink Your Carbon Footprint

Last month the West Chester Area Council of Governments launched its West Chester Area Clean Energy Future campaign. The campaign is made up of four community engagement modules designed to walk constituents through lessening, then greening their energy consumption. Think of this as the first step toward shrinking the town’s energy use – one resident at a time.

How Much Will the Borough Tax Increase Cost You?

Before we leave 2020 to be officially dissected in the history books, I wanted to follow up on one last thing – the Borough real estate tax increase. To meet 2021 fiscal responsibilities Borough Council enacted a six percent tax increase on all taxable property in the Borough – but exactly how much is a six percent increase going to cost? Here’s how to find out.

West Chester Weekly News Roundup

Well, 2021 is finally here and so far I have to say it is not living up to the hype. In West Chester things have started with a bang – literally, as a shooting is reported at the Hookah Lounge. On the upside we have the latest on Chester County’s COVID-19 vaccination plan, restaurants are open again and Side Bar has four new winter cocktails to smooth the transition. Who’s ready for 2021?