This Could Be Your Grocery Store – West Chester Co-op Closes in on Another Milestone

You may have arrived home this weekend to find a door hanger breaking down the benefits of a community-owned grocery store. Benefits like walkability, healthy, local food options, and convenient hours. This has long been a goal of the West Chester community, yet results remain elusive. Now six years after forming, the West Chester Co-op is ready to make some moves. See what’s next in our quest to shop local.

West Chester’s Black-Owned Businesses Need Your Support

I don’t know if I’ve ever frequented an establishment based solely on the color of the owner’s skin but I do know a community is better served when it is served a variety of cultures, experiences and viewpoints. Special thanks to Heather Bee of the Odd Bee for letting me share her list of West Chester black-owned businesses so we can keep that diversity strong.

West Chester Weekly News Roundup

Another unexpected expense hits West Chester’s fragile budget plan. Plus, a false letter distributed under the cover of night in the Mayor’s name, how West Chester University counts COVID-19 cases and could the Borough finally be getting its own grocery store? Want just the facts (ok,and maybe, a snarky comment or two)? Stay off the Facebook groups and get your news here.

West Chester Weekly News Roundup

Just barely September and we are starting to lose it, people. What’s going on in the Borough? Let’s just call this the law and order issue. Plus, updates on a shaky start to the school year – including some pretty disturbing Zoom calls; a closer look at the Borough (over) budget and we say goodbye to a regular presence downtown. On the bright side, the year’s almost half over. Grab some sustenance and let’s get going.