West Chester: Meet Your Candidates

Don't forget - next Tuesday is a big election. Yes, if you live in West Chester, big. We have a packed local ticket: mayor, four borough council seats and our representative on the West Chester Area School Board. These positions carry a lot of influence on local discussions and that influence hits awfully close to home. Let's take a look at who wants to run this town.

West Chester Weekly News Roundup: Mar. 19, 2021

Show me the money. West Chester to get $1.9 million in federal assistance. Plus, nearly a quarter of West Chester's population is non-white, yet local institutions continue to struggle with how to best serve these populations. Now, there will be a few select folks designated to figure out how. And we say goodbye to an icon. It may have only been six years, but their presence on Gay Street will be sorely missed. Spring starts tomorrow and not a minute too soon. Let’s get started.